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Rules and Clauses
Case Management

AFSA's fully administered service offers specialised case-management within a flexible process. AFSA provides Commercial Rules for Arbitration for complex matters with substantial financial claims, or Expedited Rules for smaller, less intricate disputes.

Rules: Labour Management

AFSA provides arbitration and mediation services to individuals, companies and trade unions. Once again, it is important to point out that we can only extend this service to parties who have agreed jointly to use us as a private dispute resolution body. The matter can be heard in terms of AFSA's Expedited Rules.

AFSA can administer matters in terms of other sets of rules, once the parties have consented to us being the administering body.

Clauses: Commercial Disputes

The first and most important step in ensuring a trouble-free process of dispute resolution is to agree the terms of an arbitration agreement which sets the rules and terms which govern the resolution of the dispute. AFSA clauses are tailor made for this purpose and are ideal. 
Our clauses have been incorporated in thousands of agreements of all types and we offer a selection of four. The Institute of Directors of South Africa (IOD) together with AFSA, have developed a recommended clause for IOD members to guide them through the processes of Negotiation then Mediation and finally Arbitration.

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